E-Learning Paradigms and Applications Agent based Approach – PDF



Download – Descargar – E-Learning Paradigms and Aplications – Agent based approach – PDF – Book

By Mirjana Ivanovic and Lakhmi C. Jain.

Studies in Computacional Intelligence.

RoboNewbie: A Framework for Experiments with Simulated Humanoid Robots.

Designing Intelligent Agent in Multilevel Game-Based Modules for E-Learning Computer Science Course.

E-Learning and the Process of Studying in Virtual Contexts.

Inter-university Virtual Learning Environment.

An Agent Based E-Learning Framework for Grid Environment.

Determining the Usability Effect of Pedagogical Interface Agents on Adult Computer Literacy Training.

MASECO: A Multi-agent System for Evaluation and Classification of OERs and OCW Based on Quality Criteria.

E-Assessment Systems and Online Learning with Adaptive Testing.

Mechanism for Adaptation of Group Decision-making in Multi-agent E-Learning Environment.

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