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A tutorial introduction to HTML.

HTML is the fundamental language of the Web, and every developer, designer, and even manager should know the basics.
If tech is the new literacy, HTML is the alphabet.
Learn Enough HTML to Be Dangerous puts things together like no other HTML tutorial:

  • You deploy a live website in the first section.
  • You learn HTML tags in context, using real-world examples.
  • You take the first steps toward Cascading Style Sheets using inline styles.
  • You build a reference table of HTML tags, using the HTML table tag. It’s totally meta.

You don’t have to know everything about HTML, of course—just enough to be dangerous.

Table of Contents

1 Basic HTML
1.1 HTML tags
1.2 Starting the project
1.3 The first tag
1.4 An HTML skeleton
2 Filling in the index page
2.1 Headings
2.2 Text formatting
2.3 Links
2.4 Adding images
3 More pages, more tags
3.1 An HTML page about HTML
3.2 Tables
3.3 Divs and spans
3.4 Lists
3.5 A navigation menu
4 Inline styling
4.1 Text styling
4.2 Floats
4.3 Applying a margin
4.4 More margin tricks
4.5 Box styling
4.6 Navigation styling
5 Conclusion

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