Python The Complete Manual – PDF


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The essential handbook for Python users.

Python is a versatile language and its rise in popularity is certainly no surprise. Its similarity to everyday language has made it a perfect companion for the Raspberry Pi, which is often a first step into practical programming. But don’t be fooled by its beginner-friendly credentials – Python has plenty of more advanced functions. In this bookazine, you will learn how to program in Python, discover amazing projects to improve your understanding, and ind ways to use Python to enhance your experience of computing. You’ll also create fun projects including programming a quadcopter drone and sending text messages from Raspberry Pi. Let’s get coding!

Make web apps. Build an app for android. 50 Python tips. Replace your shell, say goodbye to Bash. Scientific computing, discover NumPy’s power. Python for system admins, how to tweak your setting. Scrape Wikipedia, start using Beautiful Soup. Tic-tac-toe with Kivy. Make  Pong clone, enhance your game skills. Program a Space Invaders clone, have fun with Pivaders. Make a visual novel, tell a story using Python. Using Python on P1, optimise your code. Send an SMS, combine Twilio and Raspberry Pi. Program a quadcopter, Make a drone with Pi. Code a Twitter bot, retweet automatically. Control a LED, use GPIO for lights.

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