Running for Beginners – Guide 2016 – PDF



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Everything you need to know to get started with running.

Nutritional advice. The lasted fitness gadgets. Expert tips on health and avoiding injury.

Top 20 tips for new runners. Everything you know.

Essential kit for running. The basic gear you need.

Walk – Run technique. Start slow for the best results

Warming up and cooling down. Why these are so important.

Stay safe on the road. Make sure you dress to be seen.

Beginner’s advice for nutrition and hydration. Eat right for running results.

Fit running into your life. Even with the busiest of schedules.

Common running injuries. What to watch out for.

Running communities. Make new friends and share stories.

The benefits of running. How running helps your health.

Prevent injuries. Advice for staying healthy.

Nutrition for runners. How to eat the best foods.

Importance of carbs. A runner’s best friend.

Sport nutrition. What’s the benefit of sport products aimed athletes and runners.

Beat the bulge. Top advice for weight loss results.

Surface. Where you can make a big impact.

Running for women. Tailored tips for female eyes only.

Running for men. Tailored tips for males to follow.

How to properly recover after a run. The right way to rest.

Overtraining and the risks. Don’t fall foul of this common issue.

Interval training. Add in different-pace running.

Post-injury running. Getting back to health.

Other exercises to complement running. The best cross-training for runners.

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