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jQuery Tools UI Library – Alex Libby – PDF

Download – Descargar – jQuery Tools UI Library – PDF – Book Learn jQuery Tools with clear, practical examples and get inspiration for developing your own ideas with the library.

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jQuery UI – Eric Sarrion – PDF

Download – Descargar – jQuery UI – Eric Sarrion – PDF – Book A code-centered approach to user interface design. Introduction to jQuery UI. Tabs. Accordion menus. Dialog boxes. Buttons. Progress Bars. Sliders. Datepickers. Autocompletion. Drag and drop. Selecting items. Permutation of

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jQuery Mobile Develop and Design – Kris Hadlock – PDF

Download – Descargar – jQuery Mobile Develop and Design – Kris Hadlock – PDF – Book Understanding jQuery. The role of HTML5. Getting started with jQuery Mobile. Creating multipage websites. Dialog windows and buttons. Layout options. Working with list. Search Filtering. Form

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jQuery Mobile Up and Running – Maximiliano Firtman

Download – Descargar – jQuery Mobile Up and Running – Maximiliano Firtman – PDF – Book Using HTML5 to design Web App for tablets and smartphones. understand how jQuery Mobile works with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Work with UI components to format

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jQuery Novice to Ninja – Earle Castledine – PDF

Download – Descargar – jQuery Novice to Ninja – Earle Castledine – PDF – Book Selecting, decorating and Enhancing. Animating, scrolling and resizing. Images and Slideshows. Menus, tabs, tooltips and panels. Forms, controls and dialogs. Lists trees and tables. Plugins, themes and

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Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer – PDF

Download – Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer – PDF – Book

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JavaScript and jQuery The Missing Manual – David Sawyer – PDF

Download – JavaScript and jQuery The Misssing Manual – David Sawyer – PDF – Book

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